"EchoToday was founded to provide quick, concise answers and help support fast-paced clinical demands.  It's extremely important that all Sonographers are using the correct guidelines."
Michael T. Owen, RDCS, RVT
Echocardiographer & Founder of EchoToday

Additional Benefits

Set your own parameters or use our recommendations and begin enjoying the most intuitive tool online for Echocardiography
Improved overall patient care, quality and tracking of disease progression by standardizing parameters used on reports.
Ability to fully customize your own parameters (any set of guidelines you wish to use) for synonymous reporting within your instituition.
Unlimited changes to any parameter/value allowing you and your team to always remain up to date with the newest guidelines.
Reduction of time spent navigating flow charts or text heavy documents found online
Allows for easier implementation and enforcement of reporting requirements within your lab.
Contact us to receive a demo and a commitment-free opportunity to test EchoToday in your lab. If you are not 100% satisfied you can cancel at any time.

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