Price Justifications

- Our software allows for increased face time with our patients due to the speed and ease of navigation

- The platforms I use to keep this software running cost me a few thousand annually

- I occasionally collaborate with developers and designers and they don't usually work for free

- Programming the information you wish to display within EchoToday will be very time consuming for me

- I will be in charge of providing you with continuous support and customization

- Some of the cost can be transferred to the fellows via tuition fees

- The software can be used to benefit Seton and SHI technologists not involved in the fellowship program and streamline the guidelines you wish everyone to use

- Any amount of users can utilize EchoToday at any given time


15,000 annually


Wage increase to $40 per hour

This can be further justified/grouped with the recent SHI technical director promotion if needed; I have yet to receive any sort of increase from this promotion


The fellowship program may be able to give me an additional title change to justify the increase.  Taya is the contact regarding my technical director promotion details